Recent Partners

iEARN has benefited from collaboration and support from a range of partners over the years. These have included:

ADB (Asian Development Bank). 

iEARN-Bangladesh (BEARN), iEARN-Mongolia, iEARN-Nepal, and iEARN-USA participated in an evaluation managed by (Research Triangle Institute (RTI) to assess "Innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education and Its Potential for Reducing Poverty in the Asia and Pacific Region." The study is funded by the Asian Development Bank and will encompass research in Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia, and Samoa. RTI and partner iEARN-USA are working together to assess ICT-in-education approaches that improve learning and teaching in formal and nonformal learning environments.

Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation).

In 1993, iEARN-USA began working with OSI in New York and Soros Foundations in 20 countries in Central Europe and Central Asia to involve students in these countries in global project work. Since this time, iEARN has established Coordinators in each country and programs have been launched to train teachers and provide coordination of on-line project work. George Soros was one of the award recipients at a 2000 iEARN-USA gala.