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iEARN-UAE Workshop

April 23, 2011
40 educators attended an iEARN workshop at the Al Ameen Private School. Read More >

Special Webinar - Live from the Middle East: Classroom Connections Amidst Political Changes

April 20, 2011
A live and interactive event with educators from Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Morocco. Read More >

YouthCaN Med 2011 in Lebanon

April 18, 2011
Hosted by the Hajj Bahaa Eddine El Hariri School in Saida with the participation of approximately 100 students and teachers from 7 schools Read More >

iEARN Workshops in the Dominican Republic

April 14 – 18, 2011
iEARN-USA teamed up with World Computer Exchange to provide workshops in April for teachers in the Dominican Republic. Read More >

iEARN-Egypt's 7th Annual Local Conference 2011

April 9, 2011
150 iEARN school students, Alumni and university students from Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Monefia and Mansoura shared in the conference events. Read More >

School Uniform Project Videoconference

April 6, 2011
Participants from Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Japan, Mali, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Turkey, and Ukraine planned presentations on the topic of school activities and holidays, and were also invited to show their school uniforms through a fashion show. Read More >

2011 YouthCaN Environmental Conference

April 2 – 4, 2011
YouthCaN is a global network of students collaborating on environmental project work. Read More >

The Third Espurn@ Conference (Creativity in the Classroom for an Inclusive Networked School)

April 2, 2011
250 teachers attended. "Espurna" is an iEARN-Pangea project targeted to students risking exclusion (mainly immigrants and the ones with severe social needs). Read More >

iEARN-Oman Adobe Youth Voices workshop

March 28 – 29, 2011
The workshop covered the difference between planning, production, and editing, and also opportunities for showcasing youth-produced media locally and globally. Read More >

World We Live in Spring Discussion Camp

March 27 – 30, 2011
Braslav State Gymnasium together with the Youth Educational Club NEWLINE organized a SPRING DISCUSSION CAMP of the “World We Live in” project participants. Read More >