Abraham "Abe' Fergusson, iEARN Student, Trinidad and Tobago

My peers marvel at the strides I have been able to make at an international level. Read More >

Ahmed Mamdouh, iEARN-Egypt alum

I have been working with iEARN since 2005 and my role has varied. I worked as a member then as a project head, then joined the students' board and participated in organizing the iEARN annual conference in Egypt. Read More >

Alaa Abd Elrahman Obeida, iEARN-Egypt alum

Alaa Abd Elrahman Obeida is currently a final year medical student at Kasr Al-Ainy School of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. Alaa is the founder and coordinator of EYouth Initiative funded by U.S. State Department Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund. Read More >

Allan Kakinda, iEARN-Uganda Alumnus

As a student, through my participation in iEARN activities I developed more concern for community related issues and how we can as young people in our own small ways contribute to solving the problems facing our communities. Read More >

Almerinda Garibaldi, Teacher, Centro Interescolar de Linguas de Taguatinga, Brasil

It's impressive how my life has changed after meeting iEARN!...I can say that iEARN divided my professional career in two parts: before and after working with online projects in a collaborative and interactive way. Read More >

Andrew Chuang, iEARN-Taiwan alum

My first touch in iEARN was since 2008, when I study in senior high school and involved in the NDYS Project. I really learned a lot of knowledge and ability during my senior education life. Therefore, I decide to get involved in voluntary work for iEARN-Taiwan after graduating from senior high school in order to feed back to the next students. Read More >

Bilal Zubair Khan, iEARN-Pakistan alum

At 21, Bilal Zubair Khan is the youth program coordinator at iEARN Pakistan. Read More >

Brittany Mitchell, iEARN World Youth News reporter & Adobe Youth Voices participant

Being able to get a personal view into someone else's country through their own eyes, rather than hearing it from the news, is a very unique and amazing concept. Read More >

Bryan Billings, iEARN Alum, USA

The late 1980's and the early 19990's were such an exciting time for Soviet[Russian]-American relations, and it was so thrilling to speak to Muscovite children of the same age. Read More >

Buck Thompson, iEARN Student, Colorado, USA

We were working with other kids who were actually working to solve a problem in their own country and who were really passionate about what was happening in their country and wanted to do something to help [about the iEARN Eradication of Malaria Project]. I really enjoyed the experience. Read More >