Maitreyi Doshi-Joshi, iEARN-India alum

Maitreyi Doshi-Joshi is iEARN Alumni. She used to be the student facilitator for iEARN India 11 years ago. She started a project called Value of Money in our Life. Read More >

Shahzad Sheikh, iEARN-Pakistan alum

Shahzad Sheikh, is the Media Facilitator of the iEARN Centre-Pakistan, and Project Facilitator in Adobe Youth Voices. He conducts all sort of media workshops. He has the responsibility of designing all print and promotional materials in different projects and produce projects videos as well. Read More >

Andrew Chuang, iEARN-Taiwan alum

My first touch in iEARN was since 2008, when I study in senior high school and involved in the NDYS Project. I really learned a lot of knowledge and ability during my senior education life. Therefore, I decide to get involved in voluntary work for iEARN-Taiwan after graduating from senior high school in order to feed back to the next students. Read More >

Alaa Abd Elrahman Obeida, iEARN-Egypt alum

Alaa Abd Elrahman Obeida is currently a final year medical student at Kasr Al-Ainy School of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. Alaa is the founder and coordinator of EYouth Initiative funded by U.S. State Department Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund. Read More >

Dmitry Savelau, iEARN-Belarus alum

Dmitry Savelau is iEARN Media Mentor at Adobe Youth Voices Belarus and Campaigner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at He is the founder of Message Cafe and co-founder of Youth International Education Club NEWLINE in Minsk, Belarus. Read More >

Mahmoud Jabari, iEARN-Palestine alum

Mahmoud believes that youth from all cultures and nations are able to overcome political, religious and cultural borders, and become unified based their common dreams: to create the world in which they'd like future generations to live. Read More >

Sudati Shrestha, iEARN-Nepal alum

Sudati Shrestha is an active alumni at iEARN-Nepal. She was the winner of Miss Teen Nepal 2013 and represented Nepal and was successful to reach the top 8 in Miss Teen World in Houston, Texas. Read More >

Md. Abu Nayeem Chowdhury, iEARN-Bangladesh alum

Nayeem has a dream to create “Peaceful and Prosperous society” by exploring, networking, training, knowledge–sharing, social & cross–border activity and crowning cultural bondage through positivism, social intelligence, entrepreneurship and border-less collaboration. Read More >

Ahmed Mamdouh, iEARN-Egypt alum

I have been working with iEARN since 2005 and my role has varied. I worked as a member then as a project head, then joined the students' board and participated in organizing the iEARN annual conference in Egypt. Read More >

Chiting Huang, iEARN-Taiwan alum

First time when I joined iEARN project was my first year of high school, 2007. I went to Japan for Natural Disaster of Youth Summit and that really inspired me and made me want to do more things at iEARN. Read More >