Corneila Platon, iEARN-Romania Representative and English Language Teacher

It's not so easy to imagine and believe that people who have never met, who belong to different systems of education, culture and geographical areas, became closed to one another, felt free to express their feelings and had the chance to share their experience between themselves. Read More >

Deanne McBeath, The Village Charter School, Trenton, New Jersey, USA

It filled my heart with joy to witness our students engaged in online learning, and communicating with students around the world. This kind of diversity is rare in the area that I teach. To be able to communicate with students in Pakistan, Russia, Oman, Taiwan, etc is phenomenal. Read More >

Fatima Martin (Principal) and Zeenat Munir (Head of Primary School), United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Participating in the iEARN conference itself was a delightful experience. With 500 educators from about 62 countries, there was so much passion in the air about ‘EDUCATION’. Read More >

Safiétou Ndiaye, teacher of English at Lycée Moderne de Dakar, Dakar, Senegal

My experience with iEARN: shaping better learners, better citizens and tomorrow’s leaders through project based learning. Read More >

Sounkalo Dembele, iEARN-Mali Representative

My favorite iEARN project is “The Dolls for Computer”, the program that I facilitate. It allows many children to gain access to computer and educational resources. Read More >

Yoko Takagi, iEARN-Japan Country Coordinator

iEARN is the place that we learn how to create peace. I love it! Read More >

Yu Chen Yu, iEARN-Taiwan Teacher

After joining iEARN, I had lots of opportunities to explore the world, even in the classroom, and that really broadened my horizons. Read More >