Abraham "Abe' Fergusson, iEARN Student, Trinidad and Tobago


iEARN's Impact on My Life.


Just want to share my involvement in iEARN and how it impacts on my life to date.

At the age of ten I joined the Port of Spain Sister Cities UNESCO Youth Club, and was asked to lead the Mayor of Port of Spain into the "First Steps" into the New Millennium January 1 2001.  I was invited to speak on behalf of the youth to introduced the Decade of Peace, therefore when iEARN was introduced to the country I was the first to join and participate in the the Bullying project.

Having seen by teachers as being a slow learner and small in size caused me to be a target by the bigger boys, but the information gained from the Bullying Project helped me to overcome some of those challenges.

Then the coordinator invited me to the iEARN Conference and Youth Summit held in Slovakia - there I entered the Childnet essay competition sponsored by Cable and Wireless, my essay focused on a conversation I overheard between my mother and her sister who lived in Grenada, it was heart breaking as the conversation was during hurricane Ivan.  We were contacted and asked to change the title of my essay from hurricane Ivan to Natural Disasters, this being done the next bit of news was "I was one of the 17 Winners" and invited to a ten days workshop on "new to the net" section on building websites, in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Then I was invited to present my website at the next iEARN Conference and Youth Summit in Dakar, Senegal, at the Natural Disasters Youth Summit (NDYS) Workshop.  I was then invited to the NDYS Summit held in Taiwan, and Japan and named Youth Ambassador for Natural Disasters.

iEARN-Trinidad and Tobago, a registered civil society member of the Organization of American States (OAS), was the place where the NDYS 2008 Declaration was presented at a meeting held in Florida prior to Trinidad and Tobago's hosting of the 5th Summit of the Americas.  We not only got the opportunity to participate in the Summit but iEARNTnT also held the first and only OAS Model Youth Debate, I was honored to role play the Secretary General.

The following year the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, honoured me by conferring on me an Award in the field of Environmental Advocacy,

iEARNTnT was named "Eminent Expert' and local coordinator of the United Nations World Summit Information Society - World Summit Award and World Summit Youth Award, the national community was then invited to send in entries - the Government's -  E-Government entry placed in the region but it was my website that got the second place in the world in the "Go Green" category, in Monterrey, Mexico 2009.

While I am still a slow learner my peers marvel at the strides I have been able to make at an international level. This is due to the work of iEARN, and I want to take this opportunity to Thank Mrs. Gaspard - Taylor our National Coordinator for her patience and understanding, and pushing me to make something of myself. For the idea and people who are behind iEARN to allow young people like myself to excel in spite of handicaps.

Thank you those visionary people.

Abraham "Abe' Fergusson
Trinidad and Tobago