Andrew Chuang, iEARN-Taiwan alum

My first touch in iEARN was since 2008, when I study in senior high school and involved in the NDYS Project. I really learned a lot of knowledge and ability during my senior education life. Therefore, I decide to get involved in voluntary work for iEARN-Taiwan after graduating from senior high school in order to feed back to the next students.

I was also a youth summit mentor for the 2011 iEARN 18th International Conference and 15th Youth Summit in Taiwan. I start to be the Taiwan Local Youth Representative since October, 2011. And take the responsibility of recruit the youth core team in Taiwan. During my position, I held the 2012 Youth Fun Camp, iEARN Taiwan 2013 Winter Camp. I was also involved in the youth summit planning committee of 2012 iEARN Virtual Youth summit. Currently, I am the Coordinator of iEARN-Adobe Youth Voice Taiwan Program & the manager of NSLI-Y Taiwan Program. I am planning to finish my bachelor degree in upcoming January.