Bilal Zubair Khan, iEARN-Pakistan alum

At 21, Bilal Zubair Khan is the youth program coordinator at iEARN Pakistan. Bilal is 2009-10 batch YES alumnus and is leading the YES Alumni community in Pakistan along with working on YES support for on program students from Pakistan. Bilal Khan has worked on over 40+ community service projects in past 3 years with YES Alumni Pakistan, which includes the productive Youth TechCamp, Ramadan Drives and many more.

He is the first alumni from program to work as an interpreter of sign language for the mute and deaf YES students. He has conducted self-confidence building workshops with over 1000+ students under his 'discover yourself with Bilal Khan' initiative in past one year. In year 2012, Bilal worked as one of the lead organizers of the 10th year anniversary celebrations of YES program.

Bilal is currently enrolled in University of Karachi, pursuing his bachelors degree in International Relations. He's very active social activists and has worked as an adviser for community development start ups by the YES community in Pakistan. Due to his commitment to the work, he's been invited to Germany, United States, Qatar & Turkey as the trainer, participant or the organizer. He has inspired many young students all over the world and believes that with his commitment to the society, he will achieve the goal of motivating the youth to achieve their goals. He's currently involved in a women entrepreneurship start-up with a fellow alumnae in Karachi.