Brittany Mitchell, iEARN World Youth News reporter & Adobe Youth Voices participant

Dear Ed, Anindita & Group,

I would like to once again thank you so much for this amazing opportunity you presented us with.

You put so much work and effort into setting up the conference call and interview, you've opened up so many doors for us and I am truly grateful for that. I also would like to say, it was such a pleasure getting to meet you, and it was also wonderful that you flew all the way out to California to share the experience with us. You've started an international friendship and connection that before this event I thought I would never be able to obtain.

I am beyond happy I was presented with this great opportunity, & being able to meet these great teens ! So now I am so excited about being able to further and secure great relationships with teens from these other countries. Being able to get a personal view into someone else's country through their own eyes, rather than hearing it from the news, is a very unique and amazing concept. This conference call with the teens has shown me that no matter where someone is in the world, you can always find a common interest or passion amongst us. For the most part you'll always find you are more alike then expected. Thank-you so much for the opportunity and hopefully we'll see each other again for another amazing event or trip.

-- Brittany Mitchell, about a March 24, 2011 Skype Videoconference between students from Redwood City, USA and Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Pakistan.  Read More >


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