Jurga Valanciute, iEARN Student Alumnus, Lithuania

How iEARN influenced my career

If I had to define very shortly how iEARN contributed to my career, I would say that participating in iEARN activities helped me to develop the skills that I master today and which are essential to my work. Today I work as the counselor of the national parliament and my everyday activities involve a lot of communication with people, both Lithuanians and foreigners, and as well a lot of public speaking and presentation making. And it was the national iEARN conference where I delivered my first public speech at the age of 14. Further participation in iEARN projects and events gave me a unique opportunity to develop this skill and now from time to time I am asked to teach this to the others.

Needless to say, parliamentary work also involves a lot of communication in English. Again it was iEARN that allowed me to enrich my English skills as this was the most important platform where I could practice and develop my English. As iEARN was a meeting point, direct or indirect, for people from different countries, different cultures and traditions, it also became the right place to practice and improve the communication skills, especially the multicultural communication skills, and came to be my first experience of such multinational cooperation.

Therefore, I would sincerely say that I have to be grateful to iEARN not only for invaluable time spent while participating in its projects and events, interesting people met there, but also for the skills developed through iEARN activities without which my life today would be quite different and highly possible, boring.

Jurga Valanciute, Adviser
European Information Office of Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania