Maitreyi Doshi-Joshi, iEARN-India alum

Maitreyi Doshi-Joshi is iEARN Alumni. She used to be the student facilitator for iEARN India 11 years ago. She started a project called Value of Money in our Life.

Now she is a Graphic Designer and a Community Artist.

Maitreyi, was one of the delegates representing India at the Junior Summit held by MIT Media Lab, USA. She was part of the youth caucus that lobbied for youth participation at the UN World Summit on Information Society. She has published several articles on design, information and communication technologies. Her activism gave her a chance to travel extensively at a young age.

Maitreyi has graduated from Concord University in rural West Virginia, USA with a degree in Graphic Design, Studio Art and Political Science. Maitreyi's desires to use art, and graphic design as a tool for social change lead her to pursue a Masters degree in Community Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore USA.

She currently has started her own design studio called "Maitri Designs" which works on all kinds of Design and Community Arts.