Marius Puscas, iEARN-Romania Student Alumnus

My name is Marius Puscas, I am 28 and live in Romania. I am proud to be Romanian and love my country!
My first contact with international projects, respectively iEARN, was in 2001, when Prof. Nelly Platon, my highschool English teacher, introduced me and my colleagues to a world of new possibilities. What first caught my attention was the possibility to have access to a computer, because until then I didn't have the chance to work with one. So I was especially interested in the web programming part. I started learning HTML, Flash, Photoshop and some other programs for web pages, and soon became webmaster for several web pages for projects and even for iEARN-Romania. Another project of which I still am proud is the "Folk Costumes" Project, which I coordinated.
For a short period of time I was named iEARN coordinator for youth in Romania.
Another special moment that sticks to my mind is the contest for iEARN Europe Logo. I remember that it was the last day for entering the contest, and it was rather late in the evening and I had a lack of inspiration... but suddenly an idea came and I made the logo and sent it right before the deadline hour. And surprise: I won that contest.
What iEARN gave me:

  • a chance to do more for my education
  • a chance to meet people from all over the world and all kinds of professional formations
  • a chance to see for myself what working with people is and what it involves
  • a chance to visit many countries and develop interesting and useful activities
  • a chance to learn what responsibility is
  • a chance to improve my English
  • a chance to learn technical/computer stuff, which somehow lead me to study in the technical field in University
  • and I am sure many other good things which helped become who I am today, and for which I am grateful

I want to end this short summary of my life in iEARN by thanking you all and especially Mrs. Nelly Platon for believing in me and giving me all her support!
I wish you good luck with all your projects and congratulate you for your efforts to make the education in this world more accessible and fun!
Sincerely yours,
Marius Puscas