Sounkalo Dembele, iEARN-Mali Representative

My name is Sounkalo from Mali. I am an iEARN country coordinator.  My favorite iEARN project is the Dolls for Computers Project, the program that I facilitate.  It allows many children to gain access to computer and educational resources.  I have been involved in IEARN since 2002. Since then, several people from different countries have contacted me. It was a huge opportunity that allowed me to meet many nice people to plan and accomplish various projects together. 

Today we have a concrete example of iEARN connection in Mali.  I met someone in Russia at iEARN conference that now we are planning Learning Circles in Mali together.  Some students from Mali are going to the United States for one academic year of study through iEARN’s YES program.

iEARN has changed my life a lot. Before it, honestly, I was just an ordinary teacher. Of course, I had an ambition to create an organization, but iEARN helped my organization grow and be respected in my country...Many people now respect us as an important partner.

- Interview at 2007 iEARN Annual Conference and Youth Summit, hosted by iEARN-Egypt