Saleem Ibrahim, Senior Program Manager, iEARN-Pakistan

Global peace is a big challenge and can’t be left to the politicians and the governments. Common people will have to play their role and global peace will remain a dream if common people don’t step ahead and fulfill their responsibilities. Read More >

Shahzad Sheikh, iEARN-Pakistan alum

Shahzad Sheikh, is the Media Facilitator of the iEARN Centre-Pakistan, and Project Facilitator in Adobe Youth Voices. He conducts all sort of media workshops. He has the responsibility of designing all print and promotional materials in different projects and produce projects videos as well. Read More >

Shaima Alraiy, Representative, iEARN-Yemen

We had a great experience with schools in Yemen. Teachers were very interested and worked so hard through Learning Circles. Read More >

Sheeba Ajmal, iEARN-Pakistan Teacher

iEARN has opened a door to the world for me! There is so much to share and learn while being connected with the rest of the world. Read More >

Siyu Guo, iEARN-China Alum

I organized education volunteers learning iEARN's courses and tutoring youth participation in Adobe Youth Voices activities to complete their work. I really benefited a lot, not only broaden my horizons, but also make a lot of friends from different places. Read More >

Sounkalo Dembele, iEARN-Mali Representative

My favorite iEARN project is “The Dolls for Computer”, the program that I facilitate. It allows many children to gain access to computer and educational resources. Read More >

Sudati Shrestha, iEARN-Nepal alum

Sudati Shrestha is an active alumni at iEARN-Nepal. She was the winner of Miss Teen Nepal 2013 and represented Nepal and was successful to reach the top 8 in Miss Teen World in Houston, Texas. Read More >

Trudie Scott, Teacher, California, USA

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of what iEARN and you do. I was so tired of "talking the talk" about global education. Now I feel like my students and I can actually do it. Read More >

Udara Soysa, iEARN Student Alumnus, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I knew that there were people all around the world but iEARN bought all those far away people close to me! Not only did I become a technical expert using computers and internet, I also improved my writing tremendously while developing a highly open mind. Read More >

Yoko Takagi, iEARN-Japan Country Coordinator

iEARN is the place that we learn how to create peace. I love it! Read More >