iEARN One Day in the Life Project Event

March, 10 2011
The iEARN One Day in the Life Project Team will be hosting another OneDay Event on Wednesday, March 30, 2011. 
This will be a fun, simple, and educational event - please encourage your students to participate by documenting their day!

On 30 March, we are asking iEARN students from around the world to document part of their day in writing, photographs, video, or any other media you choose. Students may describe their breakfast - photograph how they go to school - write about their classroom activities - walk downtown and videotape the market - capture an evening with family - it's completely up to you and your students!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Where will students post their work?

A) After 30 March, students may post in the One Day Forum.  We will set up discussions marked "30 MARCH" which will be dedicated to your posts of material from that Wednesday.

Q) When should students post their work?

A) Anytime after 30 March. (We understand that this may take several weeks or more for some schools.)

Q) Should students document their whole day, or just a part of it?

A) That's up to you (and the students.) We imagine some will do both. We do recommend that students write with detail - instead of just telling us that they had breakfast and went to school in the morning, tell us what they ate, who prepared it, who they ate with, what it was served in, what else happened, conversations they had, how they prepared for school, how they got to school (a vehicle? describe it!), or who they went with, for instance.

Q) Is there any special format for students to write about their day?

A) We leave that up to you!

Q) Do I need to set up an iEARN account for each student?

A) We'll leave that up to you as well. Personally, I like to set up individual accounts for each of my students. But some teachers find it easier to make accounts for each class, or even a single account for all of their students. Or some teachers post work on behalf of students from their own account. Whatever works for you!

Q) May we use work from before 30 March?

A) Don't post material documented before 30 March in the "30 MARCH" discussions. We are trying to dedicate these discussion areas to document what happens on that Wednesday. Instead, post your other work in the regular themed, undated discussion areas.

Q) How do we upload photographs?

A) We encourage photos!  See tips and instructions for preparing, captioning, and uploading photos. (It's the post from the first event titled "Tips: How to Post a Photograph" in the discussion "Tuesday 10 November - 'OneDay' Event!")

Q) How do we upload videos?

A) The process is very similar to uploading images. It's very important to be aware that the file must be less than 45MB in size. Video files may only be uploaded as mpeg, avi, ram, mov, wmv, or swf files and audio as mp3, wav, aiff, midi, ogg, or mp4 files. However, some people have had trouble uploading and/or viewing videos. You may want to post them on YouTube (or similar site) instead, and then post the link to the video in the iEARN discussion.

Q) What's so special about 30 March? Is there something special about that date?

A) The date was picked for no special reason. We expect it will be an ordinary day for most students. (And that's part of what makes this event so special!)

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about what we are asking students to do on Wednesday 30 March.

This will be educational, meaningful, but most of all... fun!

All the best-

Chris Baer
Art, Design & Technology instructor
Oak Bluffs, MA USA 

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