iEARN participants document One Day in the Life through 10.10.10 video challenge

December, 5 2010

On October 10, 2010 (10.10.10), across the planet, documentary filmmakers, students, and inspired citizens recorded the human experience over a 24-hour period and contributed their voice to the largest participatory media event in history - One Day on Earth.

The iEARN One Day in the Life Project, active in iEARN since the 1990s, joined in the challenge. Want to see what a day in the life is like around iEARN's global network? Check out the One Day on Earth videos below, made on 10.10.10 by iEARN students and teachers, compiled by project co-facilitator, Chris Baer (USA), who facilitates the iEARN One Day in the Life Project, along with Marta Garcia Lorea (Argentina). iEARN's One Day in the Life Project runs year-round and welcomes students and teachers around the world to get involved!


Shukufa Najafova
Places of Interst in Ismailli
Center of Ismailli
Center of Ismaili
Center of Ismailli


Amina Moosa Al Sayigh
Welcome baby Fatema to the new life


Rajib Das
One Day on Earth Preparation for Education


Irina Volynets
Pokrovskaya Charity Fair
My trip to Poland
An autumn walk
Visiting the museum (Untitled)
A day of a little girl
A sunny autumn day in Belarus
Naughty Insects
Ducks on the Shara River
In the Park


Dorothy Gimpelj
A Day In The Life of the Elmvalian Niners


Praise Ma
Life in HK


Wati Wardani
Fagra Hanif's video of a special 10.10.10 tv program

Saara Suaib, Indonesia + Ria Sariawati,
The Survivor


Donna Powell Wilson
Emancipation Park in Kingston Jamaica


Angule Gabriel
Karate Training for Awards Scheme
Our photostory in Kisumu Kenya


Mbarek Akaddar
Mbarek Akaddar


Hamad AL Rawahi
Hamad AL Rawahi


Samina Naz
My video of Shopping on 10.10.10


Ovidiu Bosca
English class at our School 


Susan Kuo 
Birthday on 10 October
Splendid kites for celebrating the National Day in Taiwan
The longest kite in this party in Chung-Du Brick Kiln
A band, various kites & the national flags
Opening for celebrating the National Day

Chuo Yun-fang
10 photos of our city, Pingtung, Taiwan 

Sandy Tsai
Traditional temple fair
A park and morning activities

Heidi Yen Chen Huang
Flying Kites, National Day of Taiwan 
Night market
The Dome of Light
The Dome of Light
A game in Taiwan's night market
A naughty boy
Blood Donation
Double Tenth Day
A cafe shop in Taiwan
My cousin's pets    
Night Market

My Life in the Dormitory
The Temple

Luchen Cheng
Night Market 
One Day in a Nightmarket

Sam Chichen Wu
Dreamers' Land

Margaret Chen
National Day

Eileen's Lunch
At the bakery
Steam fish
Jane's night tour
Food in the coffee shop

Sunny Lin
Han Yu Temple


Monthita Chuaythong
Transportation in Ranong,Thailand


Larysa Stepanenko


Gina Fosco,
Lauren and Clare
Trent and Ben
Monica and Brooklyn
Maggie and Jack

Chris Miller
Ariel / Soccer Star! 10/10/10
The Amazing Joe! 10/10/10
Emma's Sunday 10/10/10
Yuna on 10/10/10
Trip/Hockey Play 10/10/10
Sam/My Day on 10/10/10
Owen/ Baseball! 10/10/10
Kelley's Tennis 10/10/10
Alex's Nature Day, 10/10/10
Lily/Walking the dog 10/10/10
Backyardigan Elizabeth. 10/10/10
Rena, Lacrosse Star! 10/10/10
Caroline/Can You Handle a Chinese YoYo?
Julia's/ Street Fair Fun! 10/10/10
Chris/ Kid Basketball 10/10/10
Chris's baseball game 10/10/10
Ian's Pumpkin Patch 10/10/10
One Day in the Life of Chris 10/010/10

Chris Baer
Flo’s 10.10.10
Truda and Shelby
Elii- Time Lapse 1

Elii- Time Lapse 2
Leah - Entering my fish at the derby
Emily - My little brother and sister running around at Preechers Pond

Emily - My little brother and sister walking our dog
Marc - Martha’s Vineyard Backyard
Allyssa - Harvest Festival -
Willoe - time lapse video of my daddy making a YUMMY dinner
Sarah O - Time lapse of my sister's 10th birthday party!
Trees Blowing in the Wind
Ashley - Windy Day at the Beach
Breno - My Back Yard
Mary - time lapse video of the street outside my house
Sarah A

Chris Hockert
A day in Kathmandu, Nepal


Sameeha Maktary
Aden Girls
Sights from Adan
iEARN-Yemen Team