iEARN-Taiwan Awarded for Excellence in International Education

March, 18 2012

On December 31, 2011, the Minister of Education of Taiwan awarded iEARN-Taiwan as one of the top three NGOs for excellence in international education in Taiwan.

This award recognizes iEARN-Taiwan for its role in connecting Taiwan K-12 schools with global partners, hosting the 2011 iEARN Conference in Taiwan, and engaging Taiwan schools in international education learning activities such as youth gatherings, teacher meetings, school-to-school programs, and cultural exchange projects.

The awards ceremony was held in Taipei on December 31, 2011.  Ms Doris Tsuey-ling Wu, Country Coordinator of iEARN-Taiwan, represented iEARN-Taiwan to receive this great honor along with the other two NGOs - British Council in Taiwan and Kingcar Education Foundation.

iEARN-Taiwan, British Councils, Kingcar Foundation, and Ministry of Education












On behalf of iEARN-Taiwan, Ms Doris Wu (right side), Country Coordinator of iEARN-Taiwan, received the Excellence Award from Ministry of Education for the outstanding achievement in helping promote international education for K-12 schools in Taiwan. 

(persons from right to left: Doris Wu, Representative from BC in Taiwan, Political Deputy Minister Dr. Tsong-ming Lin, Representative of Kingcar Education Foundation).


iEARN-Taiwan Award from Ministry of Education