iEARN-Uganda hosts 6-day Adobe Youth Voices Workshop

September, 18 2013

From September 3-9, iEARN-Uganda conducted a residential face-to-face workshop for Adobe Youth Voices educators in preparation for the 2013-2014 AYV project cycle.  

20 new AYV educators from 12 new AYV sites and 5 returning AYV educators joined for this action-packed event, which was facilitated by Kakinda Daniel (iEARN-Uganda AYV Coordinator), Henry Sempangi Sanyulye (AYV lead educator), Joel Bato (AYV lead educator), and Allan Kakinda (AYV lead educator). Workshop objectives included:

  • To provide participants with a full overview of the philosophy of the Adobe Youth Voices and what’s expected of them, their sites and their youth artists as part of the program.
  • To enable participants to gain a clearer understanding of the various media forms and formats in which youth work can be created by viewing and analyzing local and international media created by AYV youth artists.
  • To enable participants learn about the steps and stages of facilitating effective youth media making practice; planning, production, post-production, revision and exhibition.
  • To build participants capacity to use Adobe Photoshop Element 11 and Adobe Premiere 11 which their youth will be using to produce their media projects.
  • To inspire educators to actively participate in the Adobe Youth Voices through inspiration talks by AYV lead educators and returning AYV educators.
  • To introduce participants to the online AYV course.
  • To introduce participants to project-based learning and how it is used in Adobe Youth Voices in particular.  

Participants will be working with their own students throughout the year to create purposeful media projects to share as part of the global Adobe Youth Voices program.  Stay tuned for their video and photo projects!

iEARN-Uganda AYV WorkshopiEARN-Uganda AYV WorkshopiEARN-Uganda AYV WorkshopiEARN-Uganda AYV WorkshopiEARN-Uganda AYV WorkshopiEARN-Uganda AYV Workshop

About Adobe Youth Voices

Adobe Youth Voices is Adobe's global philanthropic initiative that empowers youth worldwide to comment on their world using multimedia and digital tools to communicate and share their ideas, demonstrate their potential, and take action in their communities.

iEARN is one of the founding non-profit partners that helped to launch the Adobe Youth Voices program in 2006, and is currently administering Adobe Youth Voices programs in over 20 countries worldwide.

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