Support for Japan

March, 19 2011

Dear iEARN friends,

We in the Natural Disaster Youth Summit Project and iEARN-Japan, appreciate your concern and prayers towards all the people who have suffered and been threatened by continuous earthquakes, Tsunami, and the explosion of nuclear power plants.

They already took countless lives away, and are still demanding many more among those who have been missing.  No reports yet to tell us how many schools torn down in that seriously affected areas, nor how many school teachers and students have gone, but it is obvious quite many schools were crushed.  Under such circumstances, we would like to ask you, iEARN teachers and youth, to support those school teachers and students with both financial and mental caring. The Natural Disaster Youth Summit project responds in such crises by both receiving and distributing funds for relief after natural disasters.

For more information on how to donate, contact the Natural Disaster Youth Summit Relief Fund.

Sincerely yours,

Hiroshi Ueno, iEARN-Japan Country Coordinator
Kazuko Okamoto and Yoshie Naya, NDYS Coordinators
Board of JEARN

NDYS WebsiteTo post messages of support, visit the Natural Disaster Youth Summit Forum.

The iEARN Natural Disaster Youth Summit Project was launched in 2004, based on the experiences of the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji   earthquake in Japan.  Children of Hyogo had been studying disaster prevention for almost ten years following the terrible but significant experiences of the Hashin-Awaji Earthquake. The goal of the NDYS Project was to use the lessons learned from the Earthquake and develop a worldwide network of the disaster prevention, recovery, and relief education.  The core group of intended youth included those who had experienced earthquakes in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Iran, India, the United States, Armenia, Indonesia, Australia, and Argentina.  Since it launched in 2004, NDYS has continued to grow and involve educators and young people all over the world.  In addition to year-round collaboration and education, and an annual NDYS summit [to be held in Taiwan in July 2011], the project has raised funds for relief efforts in countries impacted by natural disasters, including Iran, Pakistan, and Trinidad and Tobago.

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