TEARN celebrates its launch in Tunisia

October, 9 2011

TEARN (iEARN-Tunisia) was officially launched on October 7th as a Tunisian non-profit association.  Hela Bergaoui Nafti, president of the association, presented on the occasion, sharing the objectives of TEARN to involve youth in educational activities through new technologies.

As reported by the Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (see article), she shared the importance of iEARN's pedagogical project approach, an approach that enables learners to acquire language skills but also life skills that enable them to become active citizens in their communities and in their society, conveying the values ​​of openness to other cultures and working to build a democratic, egalitarian and modern society.

As part of the event, participants were greeted over Skype in 3 languages - in Arabic by Eliane Metni of iEARN-Lebanon, in English by Ed Gragert of iEARN-USA, and in French by Annie Flore Vergne of iEARN-France.

For more information, visit TEARN on Facebook or on the TEARN website >

iEARN-Tunisia launchiEARN-Tunisia launch