95 classrooms, 25 countries, 5 continents: the January-May iEARN Learning Circles have started

February 2, 2011
Learning Circles promote theme-based global project work integrated with the classroom curriculum. Read More >

Congratulations to the 8,000 + classes worldwide participating in iEARN Teddy Bear Project since 1996!

February 1, 2011
A global project fostering understanding and assisting in breaking down cultural barriers. Read More >

iEARN-USA Professional Development and Curriculum Integration Video Series

January 20, 2011
Educators from around the world share experiences and provide tips and suggestions on integrating global online project work into in and out-of-school activities. Read More >

iEARN-Pakistan Newsletter

January 14, 2011
Check out the Oct-Dec 2010 issue of the iEARN-Pakistan Newsletter for news about a new English Access Program in Karachi, their students' community service activities, and more! Read More >

iEARN-Egypt launches new website

January 3, 2011
iEARN has been working in Egypt since 1999. Read more about iEARN-Egypt and check out their new website! Read More >

World Youth News reporter's video to be shown at UN Security Council session

December 20, 2010
Video report by Mahmoud Jabari, iEARN-Palestine youth representative and World Youth News reporter, to be shown at the UN on December 21, 2010. Read More >

Tres Bosques, Un Mundo (Three Forests, One World) Tree Planting in NYC

December 13, 2010
iEARN-USA and Riverside Park Fund team up to train students on managing urban forests. Read More >

Global Holiday Card Exchange

December 10, 2010
Over 200 classrooms in 30 countries are designing and exchanging holiday cards as part of the iEARN Holiday Card Project. Read More >

New MDG Reporting Labs!

December 9, 2010
iEARN-USA, PBS Newshour Extra and UNICEF are partnering to support students to report on the Millennium Development Goals. Read More >

Growing number of youth signing on to reduce their carbon footprints

December 9, 2010
Over 26,000 students in the iEARN (OF)2 (Our Footprints, Our Future) Project have calculated their carbon footprints and committed to changing their lifestyles. Read More >