iEARN Projects Align to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

iEARN projects connect youth to change the world! See how iEARN projects align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to improve the quality of life on the planet.

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Learn with the world, not just about it.

  • 140 countries
  • 30 languages
  • 50,000 educators
  • 2 million youth


Join interactive curriculum-based groups where students are creating, researching, sharing opinions and becoming global citizens.


140 countries, 30 languages, 50,000 educators, 2 million youth


Since 1988, iEARN has grown to include over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 140 countries. 
Through iEARN, over 2,000,000 students and 50,000 educators are connecting in global project-based learning and virtual exchange activities—learning with the world, not just about it.
iEARN values partnerships and welcomes educational, youth service, and development organizations to join us in building a network of opportunities for young people to work together.


iEARN enables students and educators worldwide to design and participate in global projects as part of their regular classroom and after-school programs.
In addition to meeting educational goals, all iEARN projects have to answer the question, "How will this project improve the quality of life on the planet?" 
Participants become global citizens who make a difference by collaborating with their peers around the world.


Our Members are from over 140 countries

The world of tomorrow or I would say today, it is no more geographical boundaries ... We really need to know each other, to be tolerant of each other, to be understanding each other's practices, and respect the differences. So I see iEARN is going to play a pivotal role in making this happen.

iEARN-Pakistan Farah Kamal/ iEARN-Pakistan

It's impressive how my life has changed after meeting iEARN!...I can say that iEARN divided my professional career in two parts: before and after working with online projects in a collaborative and interactive way.

iEARN-Brasil Almerinda Garibaldi/ iEARN-Brasil

Connect with educators and youth across iEARN's 140 country network