Terms of Use

Use of media on this collaborate.iearn.org.

collaborate.iearn.org contains, text, audio, video, and images uploaded by its users. All images and intellectual property in collaborate.iearn.org are the property of those who have produced them. The images in this collection are intended to provide copyright-friendly images on a nonexclusive basis for use by students and teachers in an educational setting only for educational purposes. The images may not be sold as an image collection or partial image collection or for any other commercial purposes. Images in this collection may be used by teachers and students in print, multimedia, and video productions. These could include, but are not limited to, school projects and web pages, for the express purpose of improving student educational opportunities.

Uploading Images, Intellectual Properties and Resources

By submitting images, intellectual property and resources, users are hereby agreeing that iEARN (or designated collaborative partner organization) can share these freely within its global learning community for education purposes. No images, intellectual property or resources can be used by iEARN (or designated collaborative partner organization) outside of its educational program and network without expressed permission from the creator, parent/guardian.

Users acknowledge that even though iEARN (and designated collaborative partner organizations) does its best to prevent it from happening, we cannot be held responsible for the misuse or abuse of any image, intellectual property or resources.

iEARN also reserves the right to remove any approved image, intellectual property or resources at any time if we believe it may be infringing on any copyright or violating any other rights of a third party or may be otherwise illegal.

Privacy Policy

No information of any student or adult that makes identity and location known to the public will be released on the non-password protected portion of collaborate.iearn.org without authorization from a student’s teacher or without expressed written permission or request. Schools are encouraged to investigate their own jurisdictional permission policies necessary for students to submit photos, student work or intellectual property in a public forum such as this website. Many school jurisdictions require expressed consent from parents or guardians before this can happen. By placing such materials in the public domain, teachers are certifying that they are adhering to these relevant policies before encouraging students to become involved in this project.

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to contact us.