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Get Connected

  • 1. Teachers Forum

    A place for teachers to meet, make announcements, and share initial project ideas in order to find partners. New teachers are encouraged to introduce themselves here.
    Age(s): Post-Secondary     |     Language(s):     |     Subject(s): Interdisciplinary
  • 2. Youth Forum

    A forum in which young people from around the world can meet each other, share ideas and topics of interest, and discuss ways they can work together on joint projects.
    Age(s): Post-Secondary     |     Language(s): English     |     Subject(s): Interdisciplinary
  • 3. Practice Group

    This is an area to try out joining a group, and posting messages and media. Feel free to post and make mistakes in this group! Have fun!!

    Age(s): N/A     |     Language(s): Isizulu     |     Subject(s): N/A
  • 4. Collaboration Centre Feedback and Ideas

    Suggestions for the new iEARN Collaboration Centre? Comments? Questions? Ideas? Post here!
    Age(s): Other     |     Language(s):     |     Subject(s): Technology and Digital Media
  • 5. iEARN Documents

    This forum is READ ONLY and is the place where you can find documents, application forms and other information relating to the management of iEARN.
    Age(s): N/A     |     Language(s): English     |     Subject(s): N/A
  • 6. iEARN Facilitators Discussion Group

    A place for project facilitators to connect, share tips and resources, and get feedback on project ideas. 

    Age(s): N/A     |     Language(s): English     |     Subject(s): N/A
  • Albanian

    This group is for Albanian interaction.
    Age(s): Other     |     Language(s): Albanian     |     Subject(s): Economics
  • Arabic

    This group is for interaction in Arabic.
    Age(s): Other     |     Language(s): Arabic     |     Subject(s): N/A
  • Armenian

    This group is for Armenian interaction
    Age(s): Other     |     Language(s): Armenian     |     Subject(s): Economics
  • Azeri

    This group is for Azeri interaction
    Age(s): Other     |     Language(s): Azeri     |     Subject(s):