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Title: Machinto - Hiroshima for Peace


What Hiroshima/Nagasaki mean today after 71 years.


Based on books such as “Machinto” and "My Hiroshima", participants learn about what Nuclear droppings brought us, and research/discuss where little birds ”war affected children” are still crying in the world and how Nuclear Power Plants today affects us. Participants will express peace, friendship, and a safe world through their creative picture books, videos, and any kids of medias to share with those little birds in the world.


  • Kristin Brown, Orillas
  • Mali Bickley, Canada
  • Jim Carleton, Canada
  • Enid Figueroa, Orillas
  • Yoko Takagi, Japan


Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, English

Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


Sep 01 2018 - Jun 30 2019

Possible classroom activities

1. Read two books individually or groups, and watch the video by Junko Morimoto

2. After reading/watching, post each comment on Machinto forum, and interact each other

3. Skype meetings between participants, or with Hiroshima schools

4. Research where Machinto birds are crying now, discuss on/off lines

5. Research how Nulear Plants affect us, discuss on/off lines

6. Create your picture books, videos, any other medias to share your peace, friendships, and safe world, post them on Machinto Gallery. Share them at iEARN Conference.

Expected outcomes

Participants creative works, such as picture books, videos, any kinds of media, on Machinto gallery and exhibition next year Machinto presentation at iEARN Conference.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

Students will learn what wars bring us, and discuss what together we can do for this little bird.

Never Hiroshima again! Reduction of Nuclear bombs in the world. Safe energy.

Related Project SDGs:

7. Affordable & Clean Energy

16. Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

17. Partnerships for Global Goals

Curriculum area

Language, Social studies, Art, Sience, ICT

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