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Special Place

To promote intercultural exchange and contribute a better world to live in, participants are invited to share local places that are precious to them in any digital forms.

Participants are invited to share their precious local places in any digital forms. Please select one local spot that gives you a very special feeling and write a story about that spot. Use short stories with videos, digital photos or drawing to show us what your special place looks like. You may select any writing genre (creative, informative, humorous, etc.) or write a poem to describe your special place, and share what is special about it for you. Is it a place where you prefer to be alone or with others? Create a word or picture so we can experience your special place. Decide what you can do to preserve the uniqueness of this place. Tell us what you did and whether there is anything you want others to do. Very short stories are acceptable (just a few sentences) and stories should be no longer than one page. We hope that, in thinking about our own special places, reading about other students' special places, taking action to preserve such places, we will strengthen our commitment to preserving our fragile Mother Earth.