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Title: MY HERO Call to Action


In this time of coronavirus, there are people around the world helping others. MY HERO is collecting stories about these heroes in your community around the world who are helping others during the coronavirus outbreak. The hero can be anyone! Join iEARN and MY HERO honoring these heroes. For more information:


Students are also able to create and share original stories, short videos, art, and/or music to raise awareness about a local or global issue they care about and share their projects with MY HERO, an interdisciplinary, online, interactive Web site that celebrates the best of humanity through essays, artwork, audio, drama, and short films. Students will share their ideas through the iEARN Student Forums and have the opportunity to participate in MY HERO's International Film Festival and Song Contest where prizes are given. Teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate with other educators through the forum and engage their students in collaborative work. 

MY HERO will share resources, guides and mentors to guide participants throughout the project.

.All are invited to share their media through Be eligible for awards and prizes too!    

More Information

More info can be found at


  • Laura Nietzer, United States



Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


Oct 01 2020 - May 01 2021

Possible classroom activities

Interview a hero working to make a positive change for the issue students identified. Write a story based on the interview, or film the interview to share with MY HERO. 

Create a posters to spread awareness about issues students care about to raise awareness and share with MY HERO. 

Work together with a class from another school or country on a global issue related the to Sustainable Development Goals. Use the student forum to share research, come up with an action plan and document your efforts. 

Participants have the option to write a story or create a piece of art which can be easily done at home if schools are closed. Tutorials have been created to share with students allowing them to submit work independently.

Research a hero who has worked towards or is presently working on an issue students care about. Share the story about your hero with MY HERO. 

Create a Public Servce Announcement video about an issue you care about, those involved in working towards a solution, and what still needs to be done. Publish on the MY HERO website. 

Create an orginal film to submit to the MY HERO International Film Festival which has fiom categories for Elementary, Middle and High School students. Prizes are given. 

Create an original song to submit to the MY HERO Song Contest. 

Students post a reflection on the student forum of their exprience and what they learned during their participation in the Call to Action project to publsih on the iEARN Student Forum. 


Expected outcomes

The MY HERO website offers tools for teachers to publish their students work and submit for competition. Selected works will receive screening exhibition, be featured online and be made available to teachers around the world for educational purposes.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

By creating activist media participants will feel empowered to make a difference in the world. By raising awareness about important issues people will be inspired to take action themselves creating global change.

Curriculum area

Science, Social Studies, Current Affairs, Journalism, Media Arts Production, Art, Music

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