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My Identity, Your Identity

Students talk about their traditional celebrations, the famous monuments, and landmarks in their countries.

In the My Identity, Your Identity Project, students are encouraged to explore and research the elements that form their identities. These elements include the traditions and the famous landmarks in their communities, which are parts of their cultures and identities. Students talk about the traditional celebrations they have and how they celebrate them, including the kinds of clothes they wear, they types of food they cook on those special days, and the styles of music they listen to. We want to help the students to fully realize the importance of their traditions that occur and the monuments that are located in their country. Many areas in the countryside still stick to the traditions, so students can go there and have interviews with their grandparents or any older people to ask them about the traditions followed while commemorating celebrations or feasts. Students will do something similar for historical monuments - they will visit them and take pictures with the information they got about those monuments. As you know, nowadays, we are imitating what is modern and fashionable and neglecting our traditions and consequently, we are losing our identity.