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My Name Around the World Project

In this iEARN-collaborative project students will explore and work on following issues - Process of Name Giving in the country, region or town - history of this celebration, who and how take part in it, what this process mean for students, for his/her parents and grandparents. 

On web it is possible to see booklets with works of students from different countries.

From September 2008 in project we use Web2.0 tools.

Students research, find and send information about own name. Students will answer the questions:

Where are you from (Country, city/town/village, school)?

What is your name?

What does your name mean in your native language and in other language?

Why do you have this name?

Who gives you this name?

Who was the first person in your family, which has/had the same name?

Which famous persons had your name?

What is nonofficial version of your name? \u2028\u2028

Students can create different visualizations of name: posters, handicraft, drawing…

Students can write description of name created by them like:

My name is LYUDA, that is

L-lambent (about style),

Y- yeasty (as cheerful),

U- Ukrainian,


A-accommodating (as sociable).

It is possible to find friends with same or similar name in different countries and to be pen pals.

From September 2008 in project we use web 2.0 as possibility of communication of students. On the MyNAME forum students will share links of blogs.

Students will make blogs and sharing information about name and photos.