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Title: My School, Your School


This project aims at comparing school life around the world through the voice of their own participants.


Students collaborate with global peers to descrbe their schools and to show how they live theur daily lives in their educational institutions. By participating in the project, students detect similarities and differences among schools around the world and reinforce their sense of identity for the school to which they attend while they increase their respect for other cultures. Students learn bout school routines around the world by interacting with school students and teacher globally. Aspects such as school habits, school celebrations, sports, food and subjects are dealt with and students are encouraged to use their creativity to showcase their schools to the rest of the world. There is also a special point in the project in which students are asked to create multimedia product such as videos, photos and graphic designs to depict typical problems that afffects the community in which the school is inmersed.


  • Mariela Sirica, Argentina
  • Silvana Carnicero, Argentina


Spanish, English

Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


September-December 2019 and - January - October 2020

Possible classroom activities

Enrollment Form:

Students and teachers introduce themselves in IEARN forum.
Then, they are asked to localize their schools in a collaborative map created for the project.
Students visit the project blog to have a look at the questionnaire that leads their research
Multimedia pieces and texts are created to answer the questions about their own school
Final products are publishe din the project blog either by the teachers in charge of the partiicpating groups or by the project facilitators on their behalf.
Students should be encouraged to comment on the products published by the different schools and to put questions to generate more information.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcome is a blog containing information about all the participating schools through different multimeia pieces.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

The project fosters students´ interest in school life and education as a way to improve their knowledge of the world and their respect for cultural differences.

Curriculum area

Language / English as a Foreign Language/ Social Studies/ Arts

Related Project SDGs:

4. Quality Education

10. Reduced Inequalities

16. Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

17. Partnerships for Global Goals

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