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Title: OF2 - Our Footprints, Our Future


This project is all about reducing our Carbon footprint for a better world to live.


“(OF)2: Our Footprints, Our Future!” is an international initiative that encourages students to make resolutions to do good for themselves while taking care of their community and environment that can change the life styles and result in promoting earth-friendly habits and deeds in their everyday lives. Youth from around the world use online tools and calculators to measure their carbon footprint and mobilize other youth by drawing their attention towards environmental issues and participate to create a healthy, sustainable environment.

Through the (OF)2 project, students can input data about their lifestyles into a unique online youth calculator developed by that has been adapted to recognize different cultural and socio-economic settings, housing, modes of transportation and food consumption. Students discuss how their lifestyle affects climate changes around the world.


  • farah shoaib, Pakistan



Student Age Levels

12-14 (Middle)


Sep 01 2020 - Mar 31 2021

Possible classroom activities

Students can do research for their project as many are not very much aware on the carbon footprint concept.
•Discuss and make some earth-friendly resolutions with your families and create a plan.
•Students can create posters showing their care for planet Earth
•Students can create videos and presentations showing the effects of carbon emissions into the atmosphere and the changes it brings about in our day to day lives.
•Students can collaborate with other learners around the world on the iEARN project discussion forums.

Expected outcomes

The goal of this project is for one million students to work together to collectively reduce their (CO)2 emissions.
Creating Awareness among young generation to reduce carbon foot print and make world worth living.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

It promotes the policies designed and described by United nations for safe and secure environment for the future generation.

Curriculum area

Science, Social Science, Language Arts

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