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Title: Origami Project


Art therapy and how ORIGAMI works


This is a project that provides children entertainment as they see the transformation of a sheet of paper to a three-dimensional object. It does not take much space, much money, or much time, It only requires a sheet of paper and the instructions on how to fold ORIGAMI. The project also contributes to others and the planet: Through folding ORIGAMI, children can learn a new way of playing with paper. They also learn concentration and patience and can make small gifts to please others. They learn how to fold an ORIGAMI Crane, a symbol of world peace.


  • Yoshiko Fukui, Japan


Japanese, English

Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


Aug 01 2020 - Aug 01 2021

Possible classroom activities

Activities are done by oneself, a group, a whole class, or even with partners @through video conferencing, on a flat space, with some sheets of colorful paper.

Expected outcomes

It brings children a power of concentration, a good use of fingers, Fun to examine the structure of an object, and completed ORIGAMI.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

Children can learn the new way of playing with paper, and get to know each other better.

Curriculum area

Art, Social Studies, others

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