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Title: Early People Symbols


The purpose of this project is to explore early people’s symbols meaning and history.


In the Early People Symbols (EPS) project, students will explore the meanings of their cultural symbols. They will start by doing research (Internet, local libraries, museums, art books, and artifacts such as rugs, wall, ceiling, floor drawings, pictographs, etc.) in their communities. Then, they will briefly tell the story related to the symbol using journals, Voice Threads, PowerPoint Presentations, videos or digital photos. Students are also invited to create a drawing or painting using these symbols. Upon completion of the research and documentation of the story, students will share their artwork and stories in the forum and the EPS website (


  • Christine Kolstoe, United States
  • Christine Hockert, United States



Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


Sep 01 2017 - Jul 31 2018

Possible classroom activities

Students will conduct research about cultural symbols of early peoples in their communities and document their research in journals, Voice Threads, PowerPoint presentation, videos or digital photos. Students will also create a piece of art work, using the different symbols, on a square canvas (preferable size: 16x16 inches).

Alternative would be hard panel canvas boards 16x20 which could be framed and displayed in the school. All artwork should be photographed digitally and uploaded to the project forum and EPS website. We would love to hear about your research and projects. So please join us in the iEARN collaboration website - EPS project forum to interact with other groups of student.

EPS - Learning circles. You can join us in one of the sessions: session1 (Sept-Dec) , session 2 (Jan-May) or session 3: for schools in Asia & southern hemisphere (April-June) Or EPS On-going project.

Expected outcomes

Students will gain an understanding of the cultural symbols in their community and around the world. They will learn about the cultural story behind the symbols from their own culture but also from other cultures.

Students will improve their technology and research skills, team working skills, communicating skills. They will also improve their reading and writing skills through research and documentation of the stories. In addition students will be able to create their own drawing of a cultural symbol of their culture.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

Discover the cultural symbols of early peoples in your community and the stories behind them and share it with peers around the globe. Gain an understanding and awareness of other early people’s cultural symbols to determine similarities and differences that lead to acceptance and tolerance of cultural differences. Through the digital production and artwork the world will be able to visualize a global mural of cultural symbols.

SDG #4: Quality Education

Curriculum area

Social Studies, History, Culture, Geography, Reading, Art, and Technology

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