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YouthCaN - Youth Communicating and Networking

YouthCaN is a growing network of youth clubs, classes and community groups who share an interest in studying and protecting the environment. These groups are youth-directed. They coordinate local hikes, explorations of the environment, investigations of environmental topics and share these explorations through online YouthCaN forums and at local and international conferences and workshops.

YouthCaN groups often organize local gatherings or conferences to share their projects in their communities. Sometimes these conferences involve youth from several locations. Gatherings have happened at sites around the world including the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Senegal and several locations in the USA. Perhaps you can plan one in your town or school!

Local groups around the world organize periodic hikes and other activities for their members and share those activities with YouthCaNers in other locations through the forum. For example one of the YouthCaN groups in New York City holds weekly Friday meetings at the American Museum of Natural History. Others classes/students can join these meetings in person or via Skype or other technologies. YouthCaN groups around the world determine their local environmental activities and timelines.

This project is co-sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History, iEARN, SmallFEAT Education and a number of high school environmental organizations.