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Digital Citizenship----becoming digitally responsible

This project aims at equipping Digital Natives of 21st Century to gain knowledge and develop skills to use the digital technologies responsibly and confidently for effective communication with the global community. 


The project aims to provide a platform for the digital natives to share ideas and engage in discussions to understand the issues related to the use of latest digital technologies to jointly find possible solutions which will enhance positive engagement leading to creation of meaningful digital content.

 This project will  help native digital users to become aware of their rights and responsibilities.   Students will understand the term ‘Digital Citizenship’ and what it means in their context. They will learn Digital etiquettes, make conscious efforts to practice and share these with  friends and family. They will become aware of e-safety by learning about common web threats such as computer viruses (spyware, malware, adware, phishing, & pharming) and web issues such as copy right laws, cyber bullying, and plagiarism.