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Taisho Koto

How do you feel about power of the music? This project explores the harmonies from Taisho Koto, a traditional Japanese instrument, to open the way to the future.


Taisho koto, musical instrument was invented in Japan. It has more than 100 years history since its release. This instrument was designed to be easily played so that people who are not experienced with playing musical instruments could learn. This project began so that many people around the world could learn and enjoy music.

More than Ten years have passed since we started Taisho Koto Project in 2009 in Canada. We have actively participated in the iEARN conferences for example, Taiwan and Argentina. And the Culture Night, too. Our project held the Kotolympic 2016 in Niigata in July 2016 and Kotolympic 2018 in Niigata in July 2018. Many iEARN teachers and students came to enjoy the events.

Now, we are planning to hold the Kotolympic 2022 in Niigata on July 24, 2022 to enjoy wonderful Koto sound and sing songs with it.