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Title: Don't Waste - Create




The aim of this project is to awake more consciousness among students about resources, recycling, and avoiding waste. Focus topics include:

UPCYCLING: Create new and useful items from waste material, like handbags or shoppers from used clothes, kaftans/djellabias from curtains, shoppers from coffee, or petfood bags, etc

WATER: my way to good drinking water/ how to save water

CORN IS NOT JUST CORN: Describing and recognizing different types of corn like wheat, rye, millet, oats, maize and corn products , like flour, semolina, flakes – this includes activities like cooking and baking, and a recipe book

DON’T THROW FOOD AWAY – USE IT: useful ideas of how to buy, harvest and store food, ideas for cooking with rests – a cookbook

WEEDS FOR HEALING DEEDS: Get to know the wild plants of your surroundings (often despised as weeds) and how useful they are for cooking, but also their positive effect on our health 
collecting herbs, using them fresh or dried, how to make mixtures for teas, herbal salts, pestos, and ointments or lotions for health and cosmetic 

URBAN GARDENING: How can you grow vegetables and fruits in the middle of the city, even on pavement? Planting ideas in recycling containers, systems that use minimum of water, possibilities with little or no soil

GARDEN TREASURES: Describing all kinds of fruit and vegetable, that grow in gardens, also wild growing ones, and their use in kitchen and medicine, but also methods of conserving and preserving them

MULTILINGUAL BOOKS: Books are done (slowly!) to each project part, with sketches, drawings or photos, the main text in the language spoken at school and a table of 8 languages on the other part of the page. 


  • Bader Maria, Austria
  • Enid Figueroa, Orillas


Tamil, Spanish, Italian, German, Farsi, English

Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


Aug 01 2020 - Aug 01 2020 (ongoing

Possible classroom activities

upcycling work - create from trash
products from weeds, including trips to surrounding meadows
multilingual books to share
partnering with over 600 participants possible



Expected outcomes

Upcycled products
Products from weeds - both enable exhibitions in school and town
Multilingual books open to share
Water saving idea

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

Reducing and avoiding litter, saving energy, learning how to use wild plants
cooking with leftovers, creating gardens on city pavements, composting household and garden litter to gain soil for planting. All goals contribute to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goal 15

Related project SDGs:

3. Good Health & Wellbeing

6. Clean Water & Sanitation

7. Affordable & Clean Energy

12. Responsible Consumption & Production

13. Climate Action

15. Life On Land

Curriculum area




Foreign/World Languages


Language Arts/Reading/Writing


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