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Medicine in My Backyard (Plant Club)

Students play the role of ethno-botanists to investigate medicinal plants in their communities, then share their learning virtually with other classrooms.

A preservation project that emphasizes transferring ancestral knowledge to--and preserving traditional plants for--future generations within a community. The effectiveness of local medicinal plants is one of the most important reasons for their preservation for future generations is necessary. 

This project’s vision is to empower students to make informed decisions regarding medicinal plants by asking questions, such as: How can people learn how to use plants for medicine? What are some plant remedies? Why is a Botanical Garden important? 

On this platform students learn from each other and from other classrooms virtually via shared Skype presentations, digital media (short video clips, AR, VR, 360 experiences), and possibly classroom school visits. Formats can be analog and digital media, such as VR, AR, short video. 

The goals of the project are:

1.Students will gain an awareness of the important purposes of medicinal plants by collecting stories from their communities on how humans have traditionally lived with plants.

2.Students will let the (local ...