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Alternate Reality

If our students can't physically walk in one another's shoes, what if they "Photoshopped" each other in? In this project, students create and exchange digital photocomposites to visually imagine what their partners' lives might be like if they lived in their community.

1) Invite one or more of your students to volunteer to be the "models". Students then make photographs of the models in a variety of everyday poses against a blank background, like a plain solid-color wall. For example: reading a book, sitting at a desk, throwing a ball, looking excited, looking bored, waving to a friend, etc.

2) The model(s) then write down a short list of things they enjoy doing at school - subjects, sports, activities - as well as things they don't like. (If they moved to a new school, what would they want to continue doing, if possible, and what would they want to avoid?)

3) Post all the photos and notes on the Alternate Reality forum (or, if you have one specific partner in mind, you can exchange them by email, Google Drive, or other means.)


The steps above are all you need to do to get started with a rich experience in Alternate Reality. 

Just be sure to skip down to step 9, below, to begin a discussion with your partner(s).

But... If you have access to image manipulation software like Photoshop, Gimp, or another program which allow you to make photo composites, try the steps below to have ...