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Global Food Show and Tell

Students share, compare and contrast different types of foods eaten in their home countries.

Investigating a different category of food each month, participating students will share the foods that are typical to their country. In this way, the students will be able to SHOW AND TELL not only about the natural resources available in their area, but the local rituals, as well.

Each month the students will share a video letter showing the food and describing it in the iEARN Forum. They might also want to include the recipe. Partner schools will respond to the video letters in either a written or video response. Would they enjoy that food?  Do they have something similar in their country?

Project Calendar: Breakfast Foods - September; School Lunch Foods - October; Holiday Foods - November; Cookies - December; Healthy Foods and Drinks - January; Favorite Food - February; Breads - March; Meats - April; Vegetables, Fruits - May; Cook Out/Picnic Foods - June.