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Morocco - USA One Day in the Life Project Exchange

Morocco - USA One Day in the Life Project Exchange

In the "One Day in the Life" project exchange, participants are invited to exchange messages, images, videos, and other media describing days in their lives, and then make cross-cultural comparisons. 

Youth may document aspects of a typical day (like visiting the market, going to school, or family life) or they may document special days (like vacations, birthdays, celebrations, or holidays). Through a deeper exploration of everday activities and issues, youth will develop their understanding of one another as they share and discuss media project work.

In the project exchange, youth will work on three project challenges to explore different aspects of everday life and create different media product. The three challenges include:

1. Everyday life and routines  - photos with captions and a photo essay

2. "Where I'm From" community and neigboorhoods - individual and group poems

3. Youth culture and defying stereotypes - photo or video blog