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Our Story Book

‘’Our Story Book’’ is a project, which invites those who are interested in creative writing to create one amazing story together with your partners by exchanging ideas from diverse cultures and countries. In the process of collaboration with international partners, students can contribute their ideas to the story, and also learn from others’ opinions.

1. The project runs once a year. In 2021, it is scheduled to begin on September 26 and end on December 18.
2. Two countries(groups) will be matched to work together for a story.
3. Participants have to choose from two types of books, either Story book or Picture book, to work on. 

‘’Story book’’ 
The text to picture ratio is heavier on the text. Illustrations just help hold the reader's attention, but aren't really an integral part of the story.

‘’Picture book’’ 
The text to picture ratio is heavier on the pictures. Illustration are the most essential to make the story understood. That is, Illustrations are really an integral part of the story.

▌ Tool & Platform:
   Book Creator for story editing and presentation
   Google sheet for reports filling
   Email and iEARN Forum for information receiving 

▌Registration  :
-   Fill in the registration form and wait for the confirmation E-mail to start ...