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Water is Life

Please note: It is important that you read the Water is Life Project Description and UN Goals, Research and Collaboration Timeline and Guidelines for Activities - 2019 in the folder Project Description, Timeline and Activity Summary before you start the project.


The iEARN Water is Life project will bring students into active research and action-oriented collaboration  concerning water as the vital essence of life.

Taking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 14 as their inspiration and their focus, students will work within their school and with schools across the globe to study, research and share as they develop an understanding of the Goals and cooperatively develop ideas and strategies to play their part in the meeting of the Goals.

Students will be encouraged and supported in the development of their learning, their cooperation with their classmates and students in schools around the globe and in turning their research into ideas they can take to the community: local, national and global.

The Water is Life project enables students to work together, collaboratively and constructively, across and between nations on an issue of global importance: the health and sustainability of the world's water. 

Students collaborate globally to achieve the aims of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure the availability of clean, healthy water for people and the environment.

The iEARN Water is Life project brings schools together to collaborate in active research, reflection, planning and in community action in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #14 and #6 pertaining to the sustainability and health of the world's water.

Students work at a team or class level on a chosen UNSDG and topic, posting their research to the forum. 

Each student is asked to work out their individual goal to help achieve the SDGs and these are also posted to the forum.

Each school then conducts a Community Action Day through which they bring the results of their work to a wider audience.