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Title: Envision My Ideal World


An international, collaborative multimedia creation of content in which teenagers will share their envisaged ideal world compiled into one master video.


Teenagers of each participating site will submit video footage of not more than two minutes expressing the ideal world that they would like to see in place. Every site can have as many teenagers as possible participating but the video must not be any more than two minutes. 

The video footage will be submitted to iEARN learners of PMM Girls’ School, Jinja (Uganda) to be compiled into one master video.

After reviews and critiques, the PMM Girls learners share out the completed master video to their counter parts in all the participating sites/schools.

Each site/school will then go ahead to share the completed media with target audiences within their localities and get feedback.

The learners share out the feedback received with their participating counterparts using any means possible – skype, email, facebook, etc.

Throughout the process, the participating learners and their educators will be asked to attempt behind-the-scenes coverage of their project activities and have it send to learners of PMM Girls’ School. This will later be used to create a behind-the-scenes video of the project.

More Information

More info can be found at


  • Chole Richard, Uganda



Student Age Levels

12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


Dec 01 2019 - Jun 01 2020

Possible classroom activities

Sharing of the project idea to teachers of target schools and youth clubs around the world. Describing the project and outlining its goals and expected outcomes.

Teachers of all the participating sites review and deliberate on the program for the project. It will also be shared in the iEARN Teachers.

Teachers share with their students the project idea, program of activities, goals and expected outcomes. 

The participating students introduce themselves and share ideas that they have for the project. The students develop their video clips and share them

The students of PMM Girls’ School assemble the submitted media clips into one video piece.

The assembled video piece is exhibited on-line in conferences and other forums.

Each participating school exhibits the video piece to an audience of their choice in their locality and gets audience feedback. The learners share and discuss the audience feedback they obtained.

Continued exhibitions by all schools and sharing of learning experiences. Each learner will be asked to share their learning experiences in the project in any possible format and submitted to me in any way possible. They will be encouraged to share any symbiotic developments – new ideas and developments emanating from the project.

iEARN Conference and Youth Summit: The video is shared at the iEARN Conference and Youth Forum.

Participating learners and educators at every site will be requested to try doing behind-the-scenes recording in form of video and still cameras throughout the project duration. The footages and photos will be used for creating a behind-the-scenes documentary of the project and shared.

• Each class will be asked to have a world map on which they will pin up location of all participating schools. Adding pinning up photo of the classes will be advised.

• Organizing of Skype sessions with teachers and students wherever possible, especially for those with favorable time differences.

• Sharing of learning experiences in the project. They will be uploaded in the iEARN project page.

• Sharing of feedback of exhibiting of the completed video within each school’s locality. Each participating school will share it with students of PMM Girls School in any way possible, depending on what is convenient to the participating sites – Skype, email, etc.


Expected outcomes

A video compilation of film clips from all participating schools/sites.
Exhibition of the compiled films by each school/site in their own locality to their targeted audiences.
Each participating school will have improved knowledge of at least one community in another part of the world different from theirs.
Each site will have a world map showing the locations of the collaborating schools/sites.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

Other people who get to interact with the project in one way or another will learn that we can live as one humanity in diversity to achieve same purpose for good of everyone on earth.

They will learn and appreciate the need to have young voices to be heard.

They will also learn that teenagers, if well directed, can play a very important role in advancing human endeavors for good of everyone on earth.

They will also appreciate the role that technology can play in uniting humanity from all corners of the world for purposes of peace, unity and development of all peoples.

Curriculum area

Literature, arts, ICT, geography, media production