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Write On

A project that uses interesting prompts to have students express them and develop good writing skills.

The Write On Project is focused on developing students' writing skills in four domains of writing: Persuasive, Expository, Narrative and Descriptive. Emphasis is placed on the importance of clear and thoughtful writing. Participants are encouraged to share their reflections or reviews on any shared article or book they have read, and invite others to discuss these writings.  In addition, students can use a news article or heading/caption of the news article as a debate prompt, and can invite others to add comic writing by adding dialogues in blank speech bubble.

The project facilitator as well as the teachers of the participating classes will periodically post prompts focusing on one of the above domains, inviting students from all around to respond to them. This will not only help to develop students' writing skills, but will also engage students in reading and responding to real audiences on issues and topics that matter to them. They will get an invaluable opportunity to dialogue and get diverse perspectives on common topics. The end product of the students’ writings will be published, providing them an opportunity to be published authors.