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Golden Ratio

The planned project is international depends on collaborative approach and aims to make a connection between math and art by using the golden ratio.

Math is the basic unit for many sciences in our life because there is no knowledge without numbers and math!

In this project we will learn about Golden Ratio through its applications in math especially in Fibonacci numbers. In addition the world of creativity in human body, photography, art, and architecture supported by golden ratio.

Golden Ratio or Golden number (1.618) is simple in form but in fact it's a controversial number because all the work you do in various areas of life become more beautiful and special when we use it.

Students of each participating country will submit their works, also they can share videos and photos about their classroom activities or their reflections about the project.

Each school will go ahead to share their works and results in IEARN site of the project or in Facebook page "Golden Ratio - IEARN".

Finally, the Iearners of Hebron school will collect all works on the project and publish a public site on internet resources to be a reference of golden ratio to all students of the world.