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Title: Cultural Package Exchange


Schools from two different countries exchange a box full of cultural items such as cultural clothes, food and ornaments. 


The project will have schools matched according to age and country. Schools with the same students age and from two different cultures will be matched. Their first interaction will be online through iearn forum where they exchange information about themselves, schools, town and country. Then they will decide when it is the time to exchange the actual package. The second stage the teacher asks the students to search and collect items that relate to their cultures, clothes, food, snacks, lucky charms and everything that they think it represents their county. They will also write informative description of the items, wrap the box and send it by regular mail or fast mail like FedEX. The teacher with the administration will have to think of how to fund the package expanses. The final step is when they receive the package, they write in the forum about their reaction, and if they have extra questions about the items.


  • Asmaa Alberiki, Oman



Student Age Levels

5-11 (Primary), 12-14 (Middle), 15-18 (Secondary)


Oct 04 2020 - May 01 2021

Possible classroom activities

Meet with the students and introduce the project. Suggested activities
1- Send a photo of the classroom participants through the forum or regular email. 
2- Do a presentation about the country they will exchange with to get to know the country they are exchanging with better. 
3- Video conference via skype (if possible) 
4- Interaction in the project forum weekly or via email 
5- Send cards and letters before sending the real box to calculate the period in which the box will be delivered 
Gather the items . Suggested activities 
1- Form the students in groups of 3-6
2- Assign each group a topic related to the items that will be included in the cultural package to search about and gather, (traditional food and drinks, traditional dress, lifestyle, famous handicrafts, souvenirs..etc.)
3- Students can have a visit to the traditional market or can be arranged as a school trip.
4- Students share the things they have gathered and have suggestions (if possible)
5- Interaction in the forum by keeping the partnered school updated 

All these should be documented in a form of a photo or a video that is to be shared in the forum
Documenting and explaining the items send, suggested activities
1- After gathering the suitable materials, the students has to search the net, ask their teacher or even their parents about the items they choose and write a simple information about each item
2- The students can also add videos explaining how the items are worn or used
3- The students can create a photo album for the things that are hard to be sent through regular mail. 
4- The students have to give a simple introduction about their city and the school in which they are studying.
5- The items are packed in the box and wrapped properly. The box are sent through regular mail or other post services such FedEx, DHL and other

All these should be documented in a form of a photo or a video that is to be shared in the forum

Receiving the package, reactions and questions suggested activities 
1- Receiving the package, gathering the students and may give the administration a notice so they can take a part in opening the package. 
2- Teachers open the package and show its items to the students
3- Teacher can give the students some of souvenirs and keep the rest to do later an exhibition of the box
4- The teacher posts the photos of receiving the package in the forum
5- The students write their reaction about receiving the package and ask any questions related the items sent 
6- The interaction continuous after the package received, emails can be exchange and maybe planning for future collaboration with different partners.

Remote Learning: Instead of a real package, there can be an exchange of virtual items using videos and images. 

Expected outcomes

Students can make project exhibition of the items received from other countries.
Students can make PPT, video about their work in preparing for the package, sending it and reaction when they receive it.

Group contributions to others and/or the planet:

The project encourage students to have a broaden look at the world around them, accept difference by celebrating them and knowing more about them. The package as a box resembles peace where two countries learn about each other by exchanging their cultural items.

Curriculum area

Writing, Art, Language


There is a break in January because of winter break and semester exams.