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GOMI on Earth

I am GOMI. People say it is Garbage/Trash in English. This project is about a long journey of GOMI on EARTH.

You are “GOMI detectives” at Part I. You follow its long journey to final destination on EARTH. You face "World GOMI Reality“ at Part II. And you are "GOMI activists” at Part III, where you care GOMI and reach your creative GOMI solutions. You can take Part I ~ Part III freely according to your class time.

Reference: “Teachers Guide” in "about/resources" section for a description of activities.


Before getting into the steps, you image GOMI and illustrate it as your introduction stage. Then start the activities for "GOMI Detectives" at Part I. You follow the long journey waste takes to the final destination on ground, or oceans, or in the air. Post your GOMI Map on the forum. Next, you face "World GOMI Realities" at Part II. And you are "GOMI Activists" at Part III, where you care GOMI and create your GOMI solutions. Share your concerns and/or solutions with any media you like on forums. This is the goal of the project. You can take Part I to III freely according to the classtime. Teachers Guide is in "About/Resources" and "Teachers Room."