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International Book Club: Getting Readers Connected

Reading gives us knowledge; knowledge gives us power--encourage your students to share what they are reading  with peers around the world.  Inspire them to use what they learn to improve their lives and the world.

Members of book clubs reap many benefits.  Discussing ideas and asking questions help us to understand our reading more deeply.  Books often affirm opinions and cause us to question our own.  This project directly connects to the literacy content standards and goals that all teachers strive to attain. 

For example, a social studies teacher may want to select books because of their historical or geographical perspective, while a world language teacher may want to use the same book and partner with the social studies teacher to give students practice using the language they are learning.

The goals of the International Book Club include:

1. Promote global literacy

2. Increase awareness and understanding of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through reading

3. Provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and insights gained from reading