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Virtual Peace Education Camp (V-PEC)

Sharpen awareness about the existence of unpeaceful relationships between people and within and between nations and equip children and adults with personal conflict resolution skills.

Virtual Peace Camp invites children to think about what peace means to them and where they feel peaceful. The following project nurture skills of empathy, which are so important to healthy human development. The follow-up activities encourage children to think about what they can do to build peace, helping to develop interpersonal peace. The project also encourages children to think critically about war and to explore its human cost; they will learn about how children – so often the innocent victims of war – can work together for peace. 

Most importantly, the main object of this project is to teach students find “ win-win” solutions that make the universe feel happy and draw parallels between “lose-lose”, or “win-lose” solutions that either hurt each side or is bullied by one side. As the project proceeds students should know how to try to reach “win- win” solutions in different situations.